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About Greg

Hello,  My name is Greg Miller and I live in Washington State, USA.  The world of off airport flying sometimes referred to as Bush Flying is a growing interest and I have been around since the start of it going mainstream.


I started making flying DVD's over 15 years ago of "Off Airport Flying". The series Big Rocks and Long Props Volume 1-5 was some of the first look into this unique form of off runway or off the beaten path of extreme flying. Since that time, many others have taken up this new way of using an airplane.


I use my airplane for adventure. The skills I have honed over a period of 25 years have taken me on many adventures that most only dream about.  Buy one or all of the DVD's to see full length adventures.  You could also check out my youtube channel for my latest adventures.


All the Best,


Greg Miller          a.k.a. Mauleguy



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