Join Greg Miller on his Alaskan Adventure, flying his experimental Maule a.k.a. Bushwacker to Alaska in the winter of 2008.

Set in the Wrangell-St.Elias National Park, Greg flies Bushwacker to Alaska to test the ski flying lessons he learned from Paul Claus on his previous trip (BRLP Vol. 3 ON ICE).  Over his two week stay at Ultima Thule Lodge, Greg joins up with Paul and some new friends on may exciting and challenging adventures. You'll see Greg landing his ski-equipped airplane on snow, ice, rock, and water, climb an ice fall, skin up and ski down snow-covered mountain peaks, and ski down snow-covered mountains. There is no other setting quite as breathtaking as the Wrangell Mountains and Greg pulls out all the stops.  Running Time: 121 minutes

Big Rocks & Long Props Vol 4: Alaskan Adventure