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Big Rocks & Long Props - Volume 1 The DVD that started it all, Volume 1 was released in
September of 2005 and contains some of the most exciting takeoff and landing footage you will see.  Big Rocks & Long Props Volume 2  (now only available in a jewel DVD case) This DVD takes you into Greg's unique world of water landings (on tundra tires). It includes "how-to" commentary track to give insight into how Greg does it. Big Rocks & Long Props Volume 3 Join Greg Miller in the majestic Wrangell mountains of Alaska as he learns the art of ski-flying from world renowned bush pilot Paul Claus.Big Rocks & Long Props Volume 4 - Alaskan Adventure Armed with Bushwacker on a fat set of experimental skis, Greg heads north for an Alaskan Adventure. Big Rocks & Long Props Volume 5 High Country, join Greg Miller as he leaves the wet Pacific NW weather behind for clear, crisp, and dry weather.

Big Rocks MONSTER Combo (Only sold in the US)

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